Review: Girls Burn Brighter

Girls Burn Brighter

by Shobha Rao


Four library cards! Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

What’s It About?

Guys, I suck at summaries. Seriously. It’s my least favorite part of doing reviews, so I’m gonna just get to the fun stuff and let you read the summary on Goodreads. Because why reinvent the wheel?

This book tho.

This book is a LOT.

Seriously, don’t pick it up unless you can handle some tough stuff. I’m talking human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, and just generally girls getting the short end of the stick. To the very very extreme.

But what a ride. First of all, it’s set in India. And somehow, the author manages to avoid dense descriptions AND make the world incredibly vivid. I didn’t understand every word she used, especially when she was talking about foods or items in the household. But I could SEE the whole thing.

Shobha Rao manages to make rural India seem totally normal and the US seem very odd… to an American reader! I have no idea how she did it but WOW.

The characters are relatable, even though it’s 2007 and they still sleep on mats on the floor and have never seen televisions. I had to keep reminding myself it takes place in the 21st century.

The girls go through things I can’t even fathom, and yeah, sometimes it felt like it was just one bad thing after another. But they just keep going, and they get themselves out of impossible situations.

AND, it’s not inspiration porn. Somehow it just manages to be honest.

It’s pretty dark, and there’s not a lot of positive stuff going on, except “wow, what people go through and keep living.”

This book will keep you humble. Pick it up.


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