New list of queer YA fantasy books

Hi friends!

I just came across this list of great queer YA fantasy novels and since this list blends three of my favorite genres/sub-genres, I had to post a link here.

It has three of my favorite books in the queer YA fantasy category:

Ash by Malinda Lo, an *amazing* lesbian retelling of Cinderella.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst, an amazing original fantasy with kick-ass princesses who fall in love.
Guys, there’s gonna be a SEQUEL!!!!!

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a lesbian love story *and* one of the most sympathetic villains I’ve ever seen.
It’s dark, but it’s worth it!

For more recommendations, go to Book Riot’s list!

These are the only ones I’ve read from this list, but I love them all, so I’ll be putting many more on my TBR.

Which ones are you interested in? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “New list of queer YA fantasy books”

  1. Now that it’s summer, I’ll have more time to read some of these! I think I’ll look at The Afterward and Of Fire and Stars first because I like reading about the Middle Ages.


  2. Ash is the first queer book I read after figuring out I wasn’t straight (although not the first queer book I ever read), so it holds a special place in my heart. I read it as bi rather than lesbian, but hey, that’s the beauty of books being up to the reader’s interpretation. The only other book on the list I’ve read is Otherbound, which I enjoyed.

    I’m putting The Afterward and The Brilliant Death on my TBR list, and maybe Beyond the Black Door.

    I would definitely also recommend Once & Future.

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    1. Or I could see which ones my library has and read those. Which turns out to be most of them, but not The Afterward or The Brilliant Death…


    2. Although, the more I think about Once & Future… it does use compulsory sexuality as a plot point, and conflates being ace with a complete lack of interest in relationships other than friendship. But the rest of the queer stuff is really well done, I think, so I’d still recommend it.

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